James Underwood Crockett Agricultural Technology Growth Fund

U.S. Trust Co. account # 80-02-200-5866831

for December 2009 mini-grants about 5% of the December 31, 2008 principal

proposed at the March 9, 2009 meeting in Wellesley, Mass.and discussed at

the August 10, 2009 conference call meeting.


  Amount    Grantee                                                                                              (trustee)

$2,000.00*  Cornell University                                                                         (J.H. Allen)

                   Thomas Henry Whitlow, Assoc. Prof.     Plant Science Bldg., Rm. 23, Ithaca, NY 14850

                    Fed ID #15-0532082                       thw2@cornell.edu       607-255-1793
                    toward studying trees and other vegetation to abate urban air pollution


  1,800.00* Hampshire College                                                                 (D.M. Paquin)

                   Chris Jarvis & Jason Tor, Assoc. Professors          893 West St., Amherst, MA.  01002 

                   Fed ID# 04-6130872           bward@hampshire.edu                    (413)559-5838
                   to teach the making of value-added cheese, yogurt, and ice cream for local dairy farmers


  1,600.00* University of Maine                                                                       (J.P. Davis)

                  Francis A. Drummond, Professor   Jonesboro Blueberry Hill Farm, Orono, Maine 04496

                   Fed ID #01-6000769      frank.drummond@umit.maine.edu         (207) 581-2989

                  toward studying bumblebees, Bombus impatiens, as a pollinator of lowbush blueberry


  1,200.00* University of Connecticut                                                             (G.M. Power)

                   Kumar Venkitanarayanan, Assoc. Professor                  Young Building, Storrs, CT  06269

                   Fed ID# 06-6070722        Kumar.venkitanarayanan@uconn.edu            (860) 486-0947

                   toward studying molecules of cinnamon and oregano oil for improving the safety of ground beef


  1,200.00    Berkshire Hatchery Foundation, Inc.                                           (R.C. Tryon)

                    George Emmons, treasurer                          P.O. Box 84, Monterey, Mass. 01245

                    Fed ID #04-3554918         berkfish@vgernet.net                 (413) 528-9761

                   2nd grant for growing Salmo salar, Atlantic salmon for restocking the Connecticut river          


  1,200.00   Elm Research Institute                                                               (G.W. Shepherd)

                    John P. Hansel, director                                     11Kit Street, Keene, NH 03431

                    Fed ID #22-6105925          libertyelm@webryders.com      (603) 358-6198

                  2nd grant for research on American elms resistant to Ascomycete “Dutch” elm disease


  1,000.00   Tower Hill Botanic Garden                                                        (S.M. Maloney)

                   John Trexler, director                                P.O. Box 598, Boylston, Mass. 01505
                   Fed ID #04-1988945             jtrexler@towerhillbg.org     508-869-6111 ext. 112
                   for research on flowers to repulse insects for vegetable growers


  1,000.00   New England Wild Flower Society                                             (R.E. Kane)

                   Karen D. Pierce, Director of Development   180 Hemenway Road, Framingham, Mass.  01701

                   Fed ID #04-2104768      kpierce@newenglandwild.org      508 877-7630 x3801

                  toward creating a ‘Native edibles garden’



$11,000.00   total for December 2009                                (Jim Crockett ATG Fund trustee contact)

Grants previously made (1983-2008) $167,000.00


* The James Underwood Crockett Agricultural Technology Growth Fund does not cover administrative costs or overhead in any form.